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Godel Kibengo Sefu

Social Transformation Entrepreneur & Disability Rights Activist


Godel is passionate about social cohesion, servant leadership development, economic growth of the African countries and the empowerment of people living with disabilities for their successful integration into the mainstream society.


He migrated to South Africa in early 2007 seeking for asylum following the political unrest and civil wars in the Eastern province of the DR Congo. With the growing xenophobic violence raising the need for protection of the most vulnerable of the refugee’s community, he identified the need to contribute protecting lives and assist government officials, the UNHCR and civil society organizations in the efforts to find efficient tools to challenge xenophobia and bring about social cohesion between communities at conflict. Later, he co-founded the Disabled Refugees Projects, which evolved into Redeeming Hope for the Disabled, a Non-Profit organization that caters for the safety of disabled refugees, providing sanctuary and care from xenophobia as well as providing life skills training and promoting both South African and refugee rights.


Godel is multi-lingual, being fluent in English, French and the East-African Kiswahili. He worked as a student journalist whilst completing his degrees in Philosophy and Theology as well as later managing a language translation department in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Since arriving in South Africa in 2007, he has completed numerous trainings at various credible institutions including the University of Pretoria and has increased and improved his skills set through certification in Disability Rights, Leadership, Good Governance and Civil Society as well as Addiction Recovery Coaching, IT, Communication, Databases, Project Planning, Gender Reconciliation, AVP, Sexual, Gender-Based Violence prevention and response.


He is the recipient of the prestigious RON HERING AWARD for Mission of Service in the World (2012) with the MANKIND PROJECT INTERNATIONAL (MKP) and has served as the United Nations Ambassador for Grassroots Consultations in Southern and Eastern African Regions leading to the World Humanitarian Summit (2016), representing the vulnerable communities.


Godel has in brief:


  • 14 years of experience working with refugees and assisting United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) connect and respond to the challenges of asylum seekers and refugees living with disabilities in South Africa.


  • 11 years working with the MANKIND Project (MKP), a non-profit training and education organization with three decades of proven success hosting life-changing experiential personal development programs for Men, supporting them to lead lives of integrity, authenticity, and service.


  • 6 years consulting with PHAPHAMA INITIATIVES, a South African social investment enterprise that works on bringing long-term positive change in people’s lives through focused, experiential life skills training and coaching.


  • 6 years of volunteer work with FREEDOM THINKING, a UK based Transformation Organization guiding people to greater understanding of self and others and to the experience of peace and ability to remain calm in situations which could normally cause distress, hurt, or fear.


  • 4 years with A. WOLMARANS ATTORNEYS, a law firm assisting victims of road accidents to lodge and negotiate injury claims against Road Accident Fund in South Africa.


1994 - 2001

Senior Seminary MURHESA / Bukavu


University of Pretoria (UP)


Africa University (AU)

Degree in Philosophy

Bachelor Level in Theology

Disability Rights

Good Governance & Conflict Resolution

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