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Our services are backed with 28 YEARS of experience

To undertake is to set oneself in motion. Being able to dream up a project that looks like us, that makes us vibrate and in which we want to invest. It means being able to implement a certain number of things: actions and energy to carry out this project. Whatever field you want to get into: artistic, social, societal, humanitarian, sporting or economic... It's the person who is at the heart of the act of entrepreneurship and it's them, with their talents, strengths, bright areas and dark areas that will give colour to the company it is going to develop.

For this, everyone can rely on their entrepreneurial attitudes. What are they? What are these behaviours that can be found in every entrepreneur? Without a doubt, autonomy, creativity, curiosity, the spirit of initiative, a certain taste for risk... and team spirit and the desire for commitment.

ECD RDC makes you discover your talents, teaches you to know yourself, to take a step back on your functioning, to know your limits and your strengths. ECD RDC trains trainers in entrepreneurial pedagogy, strengthens their capacities to mobilize energies around a collective project and equip them to concretize this approach with the participants.



At the request of the client, we carry out operational research such as Baseline studies, Mapping of interventions, KAP (connaissances-aptitudes-attitudes = Knowledge-Skills-Attitudes) studies, Household surveys, Market studies, Livelihoods, WASH (water, hygiene and sanitation) and Education. This research is conducted in a participatory manner and provides quantitative and qualitative data for the effective planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs.

We offer consultancy and facilitation services in areas that fall within our expertise, including:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects and program

  • Strategic planning

  • Organizational diagnosis

  • Change management

  • Coaching and performance-based human resources management

  • Facilitation of participatory workshop



Training is an effective tool for improving individual and organizational performance. Our company, “Experts for Change and Development” currently focuses on tailor-made training that meets the specific needs expressed by the client. Case studies, scenarios and exercises are developed according to the work realities of each client.

The following tailor-made training is offered:

  • Theory of Change

  • Teamwork management and leadership

  • Results-oriented management

  • Project Planning and Resource Mobilization

  • Project Cycle Management

  • Training of Trainers

  • Leadership and management

  • Outcome mapping

  • Problem Approach

  • Governance and Gender

  • Human Resource Management

  • Customer approach

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