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Zéphirin Selemani

Mr. Zéphirin Selemani  is a senior management consultant and regional Director at MDF Afrique Centrale, with over a decade of experience in capacity building with humanitarian and development organisations working in the DRC and in other African countries. As a country Human resource and administration manager he developed HR tools and HR introductory modules for young managers and for those who aspire to become managers. Mr. Selemani has also acquired a lot of experience in project and programme management, he has managed projects in different areas such as health and development, natural resource management and organizational capacity development.
He holds a Master degree in Leadership and organizational management from the Light University in Burundi, he also holds other university degrees in Education and Public Health and Development. Mr. Zéphirin
Selemani is credited with developing a financial tool for the poor who would like to start a small business in peri-urban and rural areas.
He is an experienced trainer, learning facilitator and rigorous evaluator. He has led complex evaluations for big country programmes and projects in different countries in Africa. He masters the whole curricula development cycle and has trained many trainers in facilitation techniques and team management.
Mr. Selemani has made the most of his large practical experience to facilitate various organisational capacity analysis and change management, he has already been part of due diligence teams to lead the organizational change of Save the Children and Oxfam GB which changed in one Save or one Oxfam. In the private sector, Mr. Zéphirin Selemani is involved in strengthening the capacity of different managers in leadership and management. He also worked with universities, private banks, public offices, and various organisations involved in business development and advocacy.
At work, Zéphirin Selemani developed an internal HR management guide and tools to help employees manage their career, set priorities, plan  and work pressure effectively. During the weekend, he likes to read and spend time with his family. Zéphirin is a learner and love to exchange ideas about how things should be done effectively.



ISP, Bukavu/DRC


Henri Poincaré University, Nancy/France


Light University, Burundi

Bachelor in Applied Pedagogy and Biology

Postgraduate Degree in Public Health

Master Degree in Leadership and Organizational Management

Get in Touch with ZÉPHIRIN

‭+243 995 666 513

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