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Dorena Volkmann

Dorena Volkmann

Dorena Volkmann is a licensed physiotherapist, osteopath and alternative health practitioner accredited in Germany with over 2 decades of experience in health treatments for over 85.000 clients from all over the world. As a self-employed practice owner she has coached most of her clients on a physical, emotional and mental level to overcome suffering.

Dorena has acquired a lot of experience in project and program management for the and the Beyond Experience Integration Program which was implemented to face challenges after the use of Psychedelics in different settings. She combines alternative health methods treating all ages from new-born babies to the elders, tries to merge different medicine branches from chinese medicine, ayurveda, nutrition and academic and complementary medicine into the best treatment a client can get, detached from any health concepts.

She currently contributes to the Redeeming Hope for the Disabled Organization in South Africa.
Dorena Volkmann has attended various other training courses and further education in the fields of medicine, communication and data protection.
 Having worked mainly in the areas of management, process optimisation and administration, she would now like to bring to you the analytical and conceptual experience and skills she has gained in the past.

In her previous positions she was and is responsible for various strategic projects of functional and technical processes, the coordination of all activities as well as for the development and promotion of colleagues. She has successfully managed projects and supported people with their treatment, while always keeping the focus on the company's goals.

As an interface between departments and to ensure focus on all important issues, Dorena enthusiastically identifies the key drivers of complex issues, skillfully communicates this knowledge, works out compromises where necessary and ensures that an efficient and targeted solution can be implemented by designing implementation options.

Dorena Volkmanns previous experience, her communication skills as well as her expressiveness enables her to build profitable relationships with patients, colleagues and key decision makers. Her expertise in research with strong influences from administration, documentation and business coordination enables her to effectively implement the tasks at hand. She reliably masters current challenges in order to achieve immediate and long- term goals in a promising manner.



Besselgymnasium Minden / Westfalen / Germany


Dorothea C. Erxleben Schule, Bad Oeynhausen/Germany


College Sutherland / Germany


Health Department, Senat Berlin zu Tempelhof-Schöneberg / Germany

Exam in Physiotherapy

Degree in Osteopathy, 5 year Part-Time Training

Authorised Alternative Health Practitioner

General Higher Education Certificate

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